Dear Colleagues,

The Ethos Veterinary Health Teleradiology service will be discontinuing service on December 31, 2019. Thank you for being a loyal customer. We greatly value the relationship we have built with you, and hope to continue as your preferred partner for referrals in emergency and specialty veterinary medicine.

To continue teleradiology service as before, please contact Remedy View: or 408-465-9003 to connect with VetRad (, a premier group of board-certified radiologists. With this switch you would keep all your report history, images and account settings with no changes to your existing workflow. If you choose this option you will be able to continue sending images to the same DICOM setup and login ID you already have.

For more information about VetRad with Remedy View, you can download this document for reference and contact with VetRad: VetRad - Make the Switch

Online Referral Service

Take a digital x-ray (adhering to the DICOM protocol) of your patient at your clinic; our portal will take it from there:

  • Select the study you would like to have reviewed by a radiologist.
  • Provide a pertinent history and any clinical symptoms of the patient.
  • Click submit and you're done. It couldn't be easier.

When a radiologist claims your radiograph you'll see the status update in real time. Keep track of where your case is in the queue. Check the status of your case in real time, or simply wait to receive the radiologist's report. Once you have the report, printing it all out and adding it to their paper file is a breeze.


Services available through this portal include:

  • Remote Access to a Board Certified Radiologist.
  • Data storage and Online Access for all your Uploaded Digital Radiographs.

For more information on each of these services, please call or email.

  • Technical Support:
  • Phone: (781)305-2285
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